About Us


270º Kids aims to expand the horizon of the kid’s world, by introducing a range of experiences, new methodologies and systematic process of learning in a stimulating, exciting and playful environment. At 270º kids children will have the freedom to play, observe, query and explore joyfully and without restraint.


270º Kids believes in delivering quality with passion, hence create new standards in preschool learning. Our mission is to take our concept multicity and measurably contribute to and be a part of the WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE CHILD.


A team of professionals have put their expertise and experience into conceptualizing a preschool which attempts to harmonize the relationship of the child, the family, and the school. Based on the experience of finding preschools for their own children, the focus is on a complimentary approach of family and school for the 360º development of the child. The team has a wide experience in education and passionately believes that every child has a unique potential which needs to be nurtured to its fullest.